Credit China FinTech Holdings Limited (stock code: 8207.HK) is a leading comprehensive financial technology company group dedicated to providing, through Internet and mobile Internet, all-weather online financial services to small and medium enterprises, businesses and individuals in China and the rest of Asia. Credit China FinTech has four main businesses: third-party payment, online investment, technology-driven lending, and traditional loan and financing services. Through organic growth and acquisitions, CSF has developed a FinTech ecosystem in China comprising multiple platforms and over 73 million individual, corporate and merchant users, which collectively generated transactions worth over RMB 2700 billion (US$ 426.4 billion) in 2017. 

  • Fund

    Asia FinTech Merger and Acquisition Fund of Funds (Asia FinTech FoF), with a total size of 10 billion Yuan, is co-founded by a group of companies including Credit China FinTech (08207.HK), China Huarong International, Shanghai Xinhua Distribution Group, Jilin Province Investment Group, and Guangxi Investment Group Financial Holdings Co., Ltd; focusing on investment and M&A in the field of financial technology, it aims to create a corporate champion in the field of FinTech in Asia. The Fund’s investment is mainly centered around FinTech and focuses on the leading target companies in upstream and downstream industry value chain which possess core technology and service capabilities, including but not limited to high-quality enterprises engaging in big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, Robot-Advisor, mobile payment, inclusive financial services etc.


  • Aviation

    Permitted to be established in April 2011 and start operation in July 2012, Hanhua Airlines provides business charter flights, corporate aircraft, aircraft purchase and other aviation related services for well-known enterprises, business leaders, sports stars and movie stars. It offers series of exclusive, high-end, and personalized flight services to meet diverse needs of customers.

  • Car Rental

    Ucar-Net is an “internet of cars” company which bases its business on car rental. It covers the entire life cycle of car rental service ranging from vehicle purchasing to disposal and is committed to becoming an O2O service platform that relies on “internet of cars”, to provide customers with comprehensive travel management solutions.

  • Charity

    UCF Charity Foundation, headquartered in Hong Kong, was formally founded in 2016. Its aim is to support cultural education, health care and the spread of Buddhism, in the hope of using innovative ways to benefit more people and inspire them to join in public benefit undertakings. In addition, the Foundation also expects to contribute to society and help the needed communities through public benefit activities. Since its establishment, the Foundation has made contributions to several institutions including Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance at Shanghai Jiaotong University, Beijing Benevolent Foundation, Hong Kong APO Relief Fund, and World Buddhist Promoting Association.